Amanda's Own Dairy Free Chocolate
Happy Birthday
All Occasion Chocolates
All are dairy free, tree nut free, peanut free, egg free, gluten free!
Fancy Squares Box
This clear box is filled with 8 foil-wrapped fancy square shaped chocolates. Net weight: 4 oz.
Shipping Container
Like all chocolates, our chocolate melts easily during warm weather shipping. If your daytime temperature is 70 degrees or greater, you must add this item to your order. We are not responsible for your chocolate melting if a shipping container was not included in your order.
Car Sleeve-wrap Box
This clear box is filled with 7 cars racing your way. Net Weight. 4 oz.
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All Occasions
Dairy free chocolate by Amanda's Own Confections
Smiley Face Bag
These 12 foil-wrapped smiley face chocolates are waiting for you to unwrap them.
Sunflower Cup
Our Sunflower Cups are finally here!! We have combined our rich and creamy chocolate with sweet and smooth sunflower seed spread to create a fantastic tasting sunflower cup that we know you and your family will love! The bottom layer of the cup is a combination of our chocolate and sunflower seed spread. The top layer is our chocolate and nestled in the center of the cup is pure sunflower seed spread. What a yummy combination! These cups are made in our facility on their own dedicated equipment in their own room so there is no cross contamination with any of our other products. * Although soy is not an ingredient, the sunflower kernel used in our sunflower seed spread is roasted on shared equipment that also roasts soy. There is a cleanout process between the two.* We felt it was important to share this information with you, our customers, so you can make an informed decision regarding our sunflower cups. There are 2 sunflower cups per package. Ingredients: Cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter(non-dairy), sunflower seeds, sugar, mono-diglycerides (emulsifier/assists in blending ingredients together), salt, natural mixed tocopherols(vitamin E). Net wt 2 oz.
Puppy & Kitten Bag
Choose Style:
These cute little bags contain 12 chocolate puppies or kittens. Net weight: puppy 5 oz. kitten 5 oz.
Present Box
Choose Color:
This clear box is fiiled with 8 foil-wrapped present shaped chocolates. Please choose from either primary or pastel-colored foil/ribbon as seen in the picture. Net wt 4.25 oz.
Snowflake Bag
This pretty printed cello bag is filled with 9 silver foil-wrapped melt-in-your-mouth chocolate snowflakes. Net Wt. 4.25 oz.
Valentine's Purse
9 heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in red and silver foil are in this adorable little purse. Net weight 3 oz.
Gold Coin Bag
There are 7 gold foil wrapped coins in this clear bag. These coins are great for party favors. Net weight 1.5 oz.
Chai Bag
Celebrate life with family and friends! This clear bag contains 18 foil-wrapped chocolates, each depicting the chai symbol. Foil colors include blue, white, gold and purple. Net weight 3.5 oz.
Flower Bag
Springtime flowers adorn this bag filled with 11 foil-wrapped flower ovals. Net weight: 4.25 oz.